Electroneum and Ubuntu Pathways join forces in ground-breaking deal

Electroneum and Ubuntu Pathways join forces in ground-breaking deal

The association will help break the cycle of poverty and to continue to help thousands of children from birth to career as well as their families.

Electroneum (ETN) announced today that they have brokered a ground-breaking deal with Ubuntu Pathways. The NGO, who work with thousands of people in townships in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is one of Electroneum’s new trusted miners. The organisation have a verified track record of delivering over 80% of the funds to thousands of children and their families.

Internationally-recognised non-governmental organisation Ubuntu Pathways has sealed a ground-breaking deal with Electroneum, a revolutionary digital payments platform that enables the unbanked to access the digital economy through any smartphone.

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Ubuntu Pathways is one of Electroneum’s new trusted organisations to mine their cryptocurrency ETN for block rewards they can convert to cash to further their humanitarian mission in South Africa. Ubuntu Pathways transforms the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children from cradle to career, in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The Electroneum and Ubuntu Pathways association marks a new era of cooperation bringing together the best of the crypto industry with the most renowned NGOs to help improve the lives of people in developing countries.

“Our partnership with Electroneum will help us break the cycle of poverty for over 2,000 vulnerable children and their families, and will ensure that a child’s birthplace does not determine her future.” – Ubuntu Pathways UK Director Beth Honig

Electroneum recently completed the launch of their new Moderated Blockchain, powered by its Proof of Responsibility protocol, which brings in trusted NGO miners who are in line with their vision, helping them raise funds for their cause.

“Our new trusted miners are NGOs with a verified track record of helping thousands of people improve their lives by providing them with the assistance, skills and training they need to live more.” – Electroneum CEO Richard Ells.
“Our long-term deal with Ubuntu is a huge step forward in Electroneum’s goal to expand adoption of ETN across South Africa. We have already created a real-world ecosystem that will be rolled out across South Africa in the next few months.” – Electroneum CMO Conor Doyle

Ubuntu Pathways, founded 20 years ago, is a world-class institution. They’ve been recognised by Archbishop Desmond Tutu (1984 Nobel Peace Prize) and former President Bill Clinton, among other international personalities.

Electroneum is a constant game-changer. They have one of the biggest user-bases among the top cryptocurrencies, which is the greenest and one of the most secure in existence. It’s also the first crypto to become fully AML/KYC compliant, and the first to launch an affordable smartphone.

Ubuntu Pathways and Electroneum have embarked on an incredible journey to deliver nurturing assistance to more children as well as many other people who require assistance and more NGOs will surely follow.

  • Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency in the world to have NGOs as trusted miners.
  • Ubuntu Pathways has for 20 years helped children from cradle to career and their families to ensure they have the future they deserve.
  • Ubuntu Pathways will use 80% of the ETN in block rewards it receives to continue helping thousands of people. 20% of the ETN will go to overhead, which includes doctors, nurses and teachers that help those thousands of people in need.
  • 100% of mothers living with HIV that Ubuntu Pathways has assisted gave birth to virus-free babies in a community where one in three pregnant women is infected.
  • 90% of the scholars they provide education to pass their university qualifying exams, compared to a 37% pass rate among their peers.
  • 68% of youth are placed in rewarding jobs in a region where 80% of young people aged 18-35 are unemployed.


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