Electroneum launches zero fee offer on freelance platform AnyTask to benefit freelancers and small businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Electroneum launches zero fee offer on freelance platform AnyTask to benefit freelancers and small businesses amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Award-winning British crypto project Electroneum has removed the 5% surcharge on all purchases on AnyTask, the fairest freelance platform in the world as it is always free to sellers of tasks.

"The offer will be in place until the global COVID-19 pandemic is under control," Electroneum CEO and Founder Richard Ells announced. "We aim to provide all those working from home with a way to supplement their income amid the global health crisis."

Mr. Ells and his team launched Electroneum in November 2017 as a global mobile instant payment cryptocurrency aimed at helping end financial exclusion in a world where over 1.7 billion people are unbanked and hundreds of millions more live trapped within a cycle of poverty.

"For the first time ever, there is a freelance marketplace that does not require sellers of digital tasks to have a bank account and does not charge fees to those offering their skills in the global digital economy," he added.

AnyTask's soft launch has been an enormous success. Since that launch on 13 February and as of 23 March, nearly 165,000 people have signed onto the platform. Nearly 65,000 have signed on as sellers, and there are currently just under 2,500 tasks listed on AnyTask.

"There are many sellers on AnyTask that have demonstrated amazing digital skills," Richard Ells said. "On average, tasks on our freelance platform are five times less expensive than on any other online marketplace."

Electroneum's CEO spoke of one of many freelancers on AnyTask who would not otherwise have access to the global digital economy. One seller, in particular, is unbanked and disabled. He has expressed how excited he is because he has already sold several tasks, giving him hope for a better life.

Mr. Ells also said that "those businesses and individuals that work with freelancers have the opportunity to purchase high-quality digital tasks at very low prices." He added that these entities could, at the same time, help people who struggle to find work because they either don't have a bank account, are unemployed, or struggle to find employment locally because they are disabled."

 The UK-based cryptocurrency startup recently received City AM's Sustainability and Social Impact Crypto Award for its focus on helping people in developing countries.


About Electroneum

Having attracted nearly 3.7 million users in just under two years, Electroneum is making tremendous strides towards its vision of crypto adoption in developing countries. It is the world's first truly mobile cryptocurrency, offering a ETN Rewards that enables users to earn up to US$3 in ETN every month. It is also the world’s first fully KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency, and one of few blockchains that is insusceptible to 51% attack. It is the greenest cryptocurrency in existence and the only one to have launched its very own affordable US$40 smartphone designed for the needs of people in developing regions. It is currently the only cryptocurrency that has a direct partnership with a mobile network operator and the only one working with NGOs as trusted miners.