Ibrahim ‘Tecnoidinc’ Adams is a top-rated freelancer with clients in nearly ten developed countries

Ibrahim ‘Tecnoidinc’ Adams is a top-rated freelancer with clients in nearly ten developed countries

"I said to myself, 'Wow!, it's that easy'. I did not have to wait the 14 days that it takes on Fiverr," says Ibrahim about AnyTask

Ibrahim Adams is one of the many very talented freelancers on AnyTask, the global digital tasks platform that Electroneum soft-launched in mid-February. Known by the username Tecnoidinc, Mr. Adams has freelanced for four years and has sold over 200 tasks to people around the world. 

He has received over 65 positive reviews and has a 4.6-star rating as a freelancer on other platforms. Most of his clients are in the United States and Canada. However, he has provided his services to customers from Finland, Norway, Russia, Austria, UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Italy, among other countries.

The 25-year-old young freelancer from Lagos, Nigeria, has at least nine certifications and a four-year career in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering.

"My certifications are mostly from Google, SEM Rush, Hubspot Academy, and Udemy, which is a US-based online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students," said Mr. Adams. "I have content marketing certifications as well as in copywriting, social media, advanced Google Analytics, Google Ads, email marketing, and more. He is skilled in website development, graphics design, writing, Adobe Illustrator, and more.

Mr. Adams' story about becoming a freelancer and the challenges he faced is not unlike others from Nigeria, which has garnered an infamous reputation because of the global email scams sent out by people in the country.

"When I first started freelancing, I did so on Fiverr, and initially, I had to use proxy connections because people simply did not want to deal with anybody from Nigeria due to the email scams," Mr. Adams said. 

According to a 2018 article by Wired, Nigerian fraudsters began conning small businesses as well, making millions off of their scams. That, obviously, complicated matters worse for legitimate online workers from the African country.

"The FBI estimates that between October 2013 and December 2016, more than 40,000 'business email compromise' incidents worldwide resulted in $5.3 billion in losses," they added.

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Wow!, AnyTask is that easy

 "I have recommended AnyTask to all my friends and relatives because of various reasons, including that you get paid all that you are asking for a task as sellers do not get charged anything, unlike other platforms," Mr. Adams explained.

"For example, Fiverr charges me 20% of my work, which means I don’t get paid for one out five tasks I do on Fiverr."

He said he was also "very impressed and amazed to see how easy it was to get paid on AnyTask. I got a notification saying the buyer had approved my work, and minutes later, I got paid. I said to myself, 'Wow!, it's that easy'. I did not have to wait the 14 days that it takes on Fiverr."

Mr. Adams got involved with Bitcoin around 2016, and later, he came across Electroneum, researched the project, and participated in the ICO of 2017.

"I was very interested in Electroneum. They were the first mobile-app-based cryptocurrency with the purpose to help the unbanked," he said.

He then came across Electroneum CEO Richard Ell's announcing AnyTask. "I immediately expressed my interest in the platform and was very excited to learn later I had been selected as one of the 400 beta testers." Mr. Adams uses the ETN he earns on AnyTask for mobile top-ups from within the ETN app.

"I find it to be convenient to be able to pay for airtime and data from within the ETN mobile app," he said. "I have also heard that very soon, Electroneum is going to enable ETN users to top up the electricity. I am looking forward to that because in my home we pay as you go."

Passion and discipline

Tecnoidinc said that to be a successful freelancer, discipline to study on your own is a huge requirement. But also, you require the ability to upskill, improve the skills you have, and keep up to date with all the information and knowledge you need to stand out from the crowd.

People in the street in the city view of Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria and the African continent. Lagos is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
People in the street in the city view of Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria and the African continent. Lagos is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Life is not easy in Nigeria, where unemployment is skyrocketing and where university graduates cannot find jobs in their fields of study.

"In my case, for example, I believe that it will take me about five years to get employment in Nigeria in the field, which is Environmental and Water Resources Engineering," he said. "So, for me, freelancing has been an extraordinary way to help me make ends meet."

Mr.Adams was born in Lagos, Nigeria, into a family with six other siblings, his mother, and his father. "I still live with my family, but only two brothers and a sister still live there as well," he said. "The problem here is that the government does not help create more jobs and do not help the unemployed, so that means that as individuals we have to fend for ourselves and find ways to make a living."

He remembers that when in university, he visited the library every day to read and learn new skills, such as marketing, coding, and website development.

"I was reading everything I could about programming, JavaScript, Cisco and a lot about Internet networks, systems, and connections," he said. "I became a very avid reader trying to satisfy my interests as well as obtaining all the engineering certifications required for employment."

Recommending AnyTask to others

"I recommend that those who want to try freelancing, to sign up to AnyTask and list a task and start doing this as a supplemental activity to explore whether this is for them or not," he said. "There is a lot of competition in freelancing, so you need to ensure you can stand out from the rest by being very good at whatever you decide to do."

There is an increasing number of freelancers, and it may be that the COVID-19 pandemic helps speed up the number of people getting involved in this activity. Currently, there are about 85 million to 150 million freelancers around the world.

That number is expected to increase to about 520 million in the next five years, according to the World Bank. It just might be the perfect time to join the nearly 200,000 people who have already registered an account with AnyTask as either sellers or buyers. It is time to feel empowered as have George and Cinthya of Ivan Studio, as well as Joseph "QikFingers" Ugechukgwu, and Abuka "Vickerdent" Victor.

About Electroneum

Having attracted more than 4 million registered users in just under three years, award-winning Electroneum is making great strides toward becoming a top then crypto in usability as just over 1,900 merchants, and service providers in over 170 countries around the world accept ETN as payment. More than 2.6 million app downloads have taken place. Approximately 194,000 mobile top-ups and nearly 300,000 app-to-app transfers have taken place with ETN by our Electroneum users. AnyTask is Electroneum's global freelance platform and has seen over 465,600 people register to the website as either buyers or sellers, with about 7,500 tasks listed. AnyTask does not charge freelancers any fees or commissions, and unlike all other leading freelance platforms that take up two weeks to get freelancers paid, it takes minutes to get paid after the buyer approves a task. Electroneum is one of the world's first fully KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency. It is also one of the few blockchain networks that are insusceptible to a 51% attack. It is one of the greenest cryptocurrency in existence and the only one to have launched its very own affordable US$40 smartphone designed for the needs of people in developing regions. It is currently the only cryptocurrency that has a direct collaborative agreement with two mobile network operators. It is presently the only crypto that works with NGOs as their trusted blockchain transaction validators. And the only cryptocurrency to allow for an in-depth examination for publication, and verification for public knowledge. Check out ETN Everywhere and ETN Donate.